Scandinavian interior design

Let’s do something different this time and let’s talk about interiors. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to talk about but, I don’t know, maybe I’ve never found the right inspiration…but since I’ve seen this snug, warm, inviting Scandinavian apartment I’ve been really excited about it! Then this is exactly my kind of style, how I … Continue reading


Oh Norway! Best flight ever from Copenhagen to Oslo, I really spent an hour looking outside the window and taking pictures of the Norwegian coastline. The view was breathtaking!Oslo is a modern capital and one of Europe’s fastest growing cities. Its population is constantly growing and its appearance changing rapidly. In recent years, the city has … Continue reading

Snowy Architecture

Some inspirational pics just to see how architecture and snow blend together creating evocative images. House R, in Schondorf am Ammersee, Germany. Project by  Bembé Dellinger. Atelier Albert Oehlen, in Bühler, Switzerland. Project by Abalos + Sentkiewicz Arquitectos. Wellness Centre, in Arosa, Switzerland. Project by Mario Botta. Mountain Hill Cabin, Ål in Norway. Project by Fantastic Norway.