Mobius shoes | Rem D Koolhaas: a shoe from a chair

Another architecture related post but this time let’s see some fashionable shoes. As I recently found out there is another Rem Koolhaas and even this one is an architect and guess what the famous one is the uncle of Rem D. Koolhaas, the one who found United Nude, a design company specialised in heels. Rem D Koolhaas … Continue reading

Villa Tugendhat: luxurious less

Villa Tugendhat, a Brno, è un’opera d’arte unica che riassume e ingloba un design innovativo, purezza delle forme, allestimenti interni preziosi, tecnologia con l’integrazione dell’edificio in un quadro naturale. The Tugendhat Villa, in Brno, is a unique work of art representing an innovative design, layout, interior equipment, technical support and integration of the building into a natural framework. … Continue reading