Top Free High Viewing Points In London

Everyone loves to enjoy a big city from a high point that offers panoramic views of it, specially if we are talking about London! Every season, time of the day, weather condition is perfect even though to me the best time to get a good photograph is as the sun begins to set so that you can … Continue reading

Colourful houses in London

To me the true icons of Notting Hill are its colourful houses rather than Portobello Road market. It’s amazing how all of them are painted in bright or pastel colours and make every street look like a multi-coloured rainbow that goes along with you on your walk. I don’t know if there’s a scheme, a … Continue reading

NEO Bankside

Another nominee for the Stirling Prize 2015. After the new School of Architecture in Greenwich I went to South Bank (one of my favourite London’s districts) to have a look at the NEO Bankside complex which is located right beside the Tate Modern art gallery on the southern edge of the Thames. This is certainly not … Continue reading

A new Architecture School in Greenwich

Talking about the Stirling Prize again, I opted, as first building to be seen, for the new Architecture School for the University of Greenwich, in London, designed by the Irish firm Heneghan Peng Architects. << They designed even the Giant’s Causeway visitor’s centre in Northen Ireland where there’s the best landscape I’ve seen so far. Some pictures … Continue reading

RIBA Stirling Prize 2015

Interested by the RIBA Stirling Prize, topic that I touched on talking about the Peckham Library, I started to have a look at the 2015 shortlist and since most of the candidate buildings are in London or nearby I decided that my current mission is to visit all of them. That’s the only way I can judge … Continue reading

Peckham Library: a pioneer of social architecture

Quick trip to Peckham, a district in south-east London, just to have a look at the local library. Is it weird? Maybe…but I’ve heard about this building at University and now that I live in London I thought that it deserved a visit, even because we are talking about a Stirling Prize winner (in 2000), the Oscar … Continue reading


This is the first Serpentine Pavilion I’ve seen in 15 years of its history, in fact every summer a new temporary one is built in Kensington Gardens. Every year, since 2000, the Serpentine Commission gives the chance to an international renowned studio to design their first built structure in England. This year the Pavillon is designed by the Spanish … Continue reading

Futurospective Architecture

Per tutti coloro che si trovano o si recheranno a breve a Lisbona ecco un appuntamento a cui non si può mancare se si apprezza il pensiero e il metodo dell’architetto giapponese Sou Fujimoto. Fino al 17 novembre 2013 è possibile visitare al Centro Culturale di Belem un’esposizione di modelli di studio e plastici in … Continue reading