Hiroshima Hut: metallic mesh and acrylic walls

A completely transparent house situated in a rural Japanese area: this is the Hiroshima Hut by Suppose Design Office. As you can see the house is made by see-through walls to promote the maximum interaction between the residents and nature. Both the interior and exterior walls are transparent: the architects chose curves of metal mesh to divide the interior … Continue reading

A Starbucks coffee by Kengo Kuma

In the new Starbucks café near Fukuoka designed by Kengo Kuma the interior set up is a mixture of recalls from the Japanese architecture and the spatial concept of a cave. The supporting structure disappears and just a very thin frame is visible from the ouside in order to completely focus on the interiors. Kengo Kuma used a woven wooden structure … Continue reading

Prototype house for harsh climates according to Kengo Kuma

Nel 2011 nei pressi della città di Hokkaido, nella regione settentrionale del Giappone, Kengo Kuma ha realizzato, ancora sotto forma di prototipo, una piccola abitazione di 80 mq il cui requisito fondamentale risiede nel suo perfetto accordo con la natura. Questa casa sperimentale è stata appositamente studiata per far fronte alle condizioni climatiche estremamente rigide … Continue reading