The man behind Kikkoman soy sauce

Died at age 85, Kenji Ekuan, the inventor of the iconic bottle of soy sauce. The funnel shape and the red cap, now internationally recognized, were designed for the first time by Kenji Ekuan for the company Kikkoman. Ekuan had designed the cap with the two holes on the sides for Kikkoman in 1961. He explained … Continue reading

Vipp Shelter: a livable industrial object

This minimalist and compact shelter is a prefab designed and built in Copenhagen by the Danish Vipp studio. With an area of 55 square meters and its transparent walls this shelter is perfectly integrated into the landscape and it offers stunning views that immediately puts the occupants in direct contact with nature. The house is designed … Continue reading

Hiroshima Hut: metallic mesh and acrylic walls

A completely transparent house situated in a rural Japanese area: this is the Hiroshima Hut by Suppose Design Office. As you can see the house is made by see-through walls to promote the maximum interaction between the residents and nature. Both the interior and exterior walls are transparent: the architects chose curves of metal mesh to divide the interior … Continue reading

Outdoor relaxing bathrooms

Who wouldn’t love to have one of these outdoor bathrooms? Whoever enjoys nature would like to add some nature elements in the interior design of his house or… why don’t we take a shower in the backyard!? Surrounded by palms and exotic plants, stone or bamboo canes walls or maybe you prefer a more relaxed, … Continue reading

A Starbucks coffee by Kengo Kuma

In the new Starbucks café near Fukuoka designed by Kengo Kuma the interior set up is a mixture of recalls from the Japanese architecture and the spatial concept of a cave. The supporting structure disappears and just a very thin frame is visible from the ouside in order to completely focus on the interiors. Kengo Kuma used a woven wooden structure … Continue reading

CEBRA Architects – A place like home

The Children’s Home is a pioneering project by CEBRA architects and built in Kerteminde, a small Danish community. It is a reception center open 24 hours a day and it is destined to accommodate children from homeless families. The structure is designed as a set of separated volumes so they have their own functional independence but they still … Continue reading

Carlos Alejandro Ciravegna – Five houses suspended over a rocky hill

Today we have 5 houses designed by Carlos Alejandro Ciravegna, each house splits in two wings, suspended mid-air, in order to look for the best light and views from the hill in which leans. These houses are in Cordoba, Argentina, and all of them are lined in order to follow the topography of the site. All five residences are accessed separately via a … Continue reading

International Congress Xperience – Libeskind: a new landmark to regenerate a city

  A brand new public building designed by Daniel Libeskind: the International Congress Xperience, also known as MICX, situated in Belgium, puts itself as a landmark and a key element for an economic revitalization of the city of Mons, just as the Guggenheim in Bilbao. “We used simple, yet dramatic, design gestures, local materials and a flexible program … Continue reading

Ama’r Children’s Culture House: how to promote children’s creativity

Today I want you to know about this unique building in Denmark designed by architect Dorte Mandrup. It is based on children’s ideas and terms including space and facilities for creativity, experiments and play for children from 0 to 18 years of age. As the architects said “The Children’s Culture House is an innovative project developed with the … Continue reading

Mobius shoes | Rem D Koolhaas: a shoe from a chair

Another architecture related post but this time let’s see some fashionable shoes. As I recently found out there is another Rem Koolhaas and even this one is an architect and guess what the famous one is the uncle of Rem D. Koolhaas, the one who found United Nude, a design company specialised in heels. Rem D Koolhaas … Continue reading

LEGO Architecture Studio: a new architectural material

Going around for some kid’s gifts I found out the existence of the “LEGO Architecture Studio”. It is a kit with more than 1200 LEGO white and translucent bricks (for Richard Meyer‘s great joy) whit whom you can realize pretty much everything you have in mind. There are no instructions and you are free to put … Continue reading

Brasserie Les Harasa, Strasbourg: the embrace of wooden strips

Redevelopment and reuse are the main issues in this project carried out by the French studio Jouin Manku for the spaces of the Brasserie “Les Harasa” in Strasbourg (France). The project combines creativity and innovation for the redevelopment of the space of a former eighteenth century stud farm: oak wood strips form a curved staircase.   Photo credits: Hélène Hilaire

ALESSI tea and coffee spoons

For today let’s talk about design cutlery and in particular of some spoons relased by Alessi, one of the leading factories of Italian design since 1921. I really love this company because of the effort it puts in designing many different home product types and it is never ordinary in its designing approach, offering products that reflect the designer … Continue reading

Bjarke presents Europa City

Bjarke explains his vision about his project for Paris’ Europa City Competition which he won in 2013. We are talking about a 800,000 square meter cultural, recreational and retail development in Paris. Let’s see and hear Bjarke explanation of the concept idea     And in this second video we can walk through the project and … Continue reading

Snowy Architecture

Some inspirational pics just to see how architecture and snow blend together creating evocative images. House R, in Schondorf am Ammersee, Germany. Project by  Bembé Dellinger. Atelier Albert Oehlen, in Bühler, Switzerland. Project by Abalos + Sentkiewicz Arquitectos. Wellness Centre, in Arosa, Switzerland. Project by Mario Botta. Mountain Hill Cabin, Ål in Norway. Project by Fantastic Norway.