Scandinavian interior design

Let’s do something different this time and let’s talk about interiors. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to talk about but, I don’t know, maybe I’ve never found the right inspiration…but since I’ve seen this snug, warm, inviting Scandinavian apartment I’ve been really excited about it! Then this is exactly my kind of style, how I … Continue reading

The man behind Kikkoman soy sauce

Died at age 85, Kenji Ekuan, the inventor of the iconic bottle of soy sauce. The funnel shape and the red cap, now internationally recognized, were designed for the first time by Kenji Ekuan for the company Kikkoman. Ekuan had designed the cap with the two holes on the sides for Kikkoman in 1961. He explained … Continue reading

Mobius shoes | Rem D Koolhaas: a shoe from a chair

Another architecture related post but this time let’s see some fashionable shoes. As I recently found out there is another Rem Koolhaas and even this one is an architect and guess what the famous one is the uncle of Rem D. Koolhaas, the one who found United Nude, a design company specialised in heels. Rem D Koolhaas … Continue reading

LEGO Architecture Studio: a new architectural material

Going around for some kid’s gifts I found out the existence of the “LEGO Architecture Studio”. It is a kit with more than 1200 LEGO white and translucent bricks (for Richard Meyer‘s great joy) whit whom you can realize pretty much everything you have in mind. There are no instructions and you are free to put … Continue reading

ALESSI tea and coffee spoons

For today let’s talk about design cutlery and in particular of some spoons relased by Alessi, one of the leading factories of Italian design since 1921. I really love this company because of the effort it puts in designing many different home product types and it is never ordinary in its designing approach, offering products that reflect the designer … Continue reading

Solea Tower interiors

In occasione del Fuorisalone a Milano è stato possibile accedere al 9° livello della Torre Solea, in zona Porta Nuova, e visitare uno dei 33 appartamenti – tutti diversi l’uno dall’altro – che compongono la Torre Solea, sviluppata dallo studio italiano “Caputo Partnership”. During Fuorisalone in Milan it was possible to access to the 9th … Continue reading

Art Decò in “The Great Gatsby” movie

Affascinata dalla visione di uno stile così eclettico e ricco ho deciso di postare qualche immagine degli interni tratta dalla recente trasposizione cinematografica de “Il Grande Gatsby” di  Francis Scott Fitzgerald. La prendo come una buona occasione per esplorare gli stile e le tendenze di quel periodo, in particolare della New York degli anni ’20 che … Continue reading

Unexpectedly Depero

Rovereto è ormai nota per ospitare il “Museo d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto” meglio noto come MART ma non tutti forse conoscono la casa-museo voluta dal futurista Fortunato Depero, il quale ne progetta personalmente alcune stanze che diventano esse stesse opere d’arte in armonia con i propri dipinti, tarsie in panno, mobili, … Continue reading