The hashtag explaining why I travel and why YOU should too!

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I’m excited for 2016! I’m sure all of us are. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s  a brand New Year, it’s 2016! It’s a fresh start for almost everything. If there are things we’re not happy about in our lives and want to change it, now’s the best time to do it and start to work on it and excecute those ideas and stop procrastinating. May it be a new job hunting, pursuing a new hobby, finally starting those new projects we have in our minds for quite sometime but doesn’t know when or how to begin, finally getting fit not for the purpose of getting attention but for the sake of being fit and healthy, then now is a very good time to start. And as for me: new travels.

And speaking of new travels, i don’t have definite plans yet but i know i’d like to travel as much as i…

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