Top Free High Viewing Points In London

Everyone loves to enjoy a big city from a high point that offers panoramic views of it, specially if we are talking about London!

Every season, time of the day, weather condition is perfect even though to me the best time to get a good photograph is as the sun begins to set so that you can get really nice and unique lighting and colour effects.

These are just few suggestions and so far Greenwich is my absolute favourite one, whenever I want to contemplate London’s skyline that’s my go-to place: up from the Observatory or next to the river in front of the Cutty Sark.

So check this…


P1060418And if you know other free bird’s eye view spots of London please share them!

2 Responses to “Top Free High Viewing Points In London”
  1. _n_e_a_l says:

    Great spots, Nancy! A few other high places you can go for various free views of the city are; the viewing platform at London City Hall (next to Tower Bridge); Parliament Hill, on Hampstead Heath; the Roof Terrace at One New Change, close to St Paul’s Cathedral

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    • arkitalker says:

      Glad you like it and thank you for your comment! Thanks for your suggestions, one new change is one of my absolute favourites, maybe I should add it to the post. I’ll go to the others you mentioned! 😉


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