Scandinavian interior design

Let’s do something different this time and let’s talk about interiors. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to talk about but, I don’t know, maybe I’ve never found the right inspiration…but since I’ve seen this snug, warm, inviting Scandinavian apartment I’ve been really excited about it! Then this is exactly my kind of style, how I want my house to be…one day…A small place with few statement furniture, grey, white and wooden nuances. That’s all!

scandinavian-interior-design-Oslo-Norway-home-decor-ideasSimona is the “interior designer”; she’s the owner of this nice apartment in Oslo, Norway. She has a great sense of style and everything you’ll see has been chosen and arranged by her, that’s why I said she’s the designer!

Simona is a henna tattoo artist and her Mandala drawings are really fascinating! You will see them placed around the house; they give personality, colour and vitality to each room. I leave her Facebook page here if you want to see more of her art or I suggest you to contact her if you would like to have a henna tattoo, the one she made for me is awesome!!

scandinavian-interior-design-Oslo-Norway-home-decor-ideasTalking about interiors again, here are few pics of her lovely place; I think its just so nice and cozy that I want to share it with you! So let’s take a peek at a few corners… Let’s observe closely few details of the house characterized by a simple style in which functionality, coziness and minimalistic simplicity rule.


scandinavian-interior-design-Oslo-Norway-home-decor-ideasKey elements that frame the interior space are the wooden floor, a light grey wall that, within the floor and ceiling, act like a canvas to complement and enhance the furniture, which is the real protagonist in every Scandinavian home. Then I love the surface of the walls, not completely plain but uneven, with a slightly rough texture.

scandinavian-interior-design-Oslo-Norway-home-decor-ideasEvery piece of furniture has a purpose and a function, there’s no reason to add superflous accessories that give an overblown or fancy appearance. There are few statement pieces that really strike; look at the floor lamp or at the huge mirror in the living room!


scandinavian-interior-design-Oslo-Norway-home-decor-ideasThe use of natural materials such as wood is predominant but even natural textiles as linen or cotton are largely used, plus plants are always welcome in this kind of interiors. The colour palette tends to be light and pale, greysh tones prevail in combination with white and wooden hues.



What a gorgeous and pleasant space, don’t you think? Any part of the home you particurarly love?


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  1. Beautiful Hennas, love the designs!

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