Oh Norway! Best flight ever from Copenhagen to Oslo, I really spent an hour looking outside the window and taking pictures of the Norwegian coastline. The view was breathtaking!arkitalker-Oslo-Norway-architecture-Renzo-Piano-Opera-House-FjordsOslo is a modern capital and one of Europe’s fastest growing cities. Its population is constantly growing and its appearance changing rapidly. In recent years, the city has developed new areas filled with modern architecture and landmarks designed by world-famous architects as well as a new skyline. Exciting new buildings turned Oslo into a top destination for architecture enthusiasts (like me).

arkitalker-Oslo-Norway-architecture-Renzo-Piano-Opera-House-FjordsThe new area of Tjuvholmen offers a magnificent seafront with luxurious apartment buildings and hotels characterized by outstanding pieces of architecture and many spots in which it’s so pleasant and relaxing to look at boats sailing in the Fjords or enjoy the sunset.


arkitalker-Oslo-Norway-architecture-Renzo-Piano-Opera-House-FjordsThe main character is of this area is surely the Astrup Fearnley Museum, designed by the italian architect Renzo Piano. Conceived as a shelter for contemporary art, it’s formed by three buildings connected through a glassed, curved roof and every block is well connected thanks to wooden bridges and promenades. Walking here feels like being in a little city within the city that perfectly blends with the surrounding.



arkitalker-Oslo-Norway-architecture-Renzo-Piano-Opera-House-FjordsTall and narrow buildings have redefined Oslo skyline; known as “Barcode” since collectively resemble a bar code. Personally I didn’t have that impression but if they say so…

arkitalker-Oslo-Norway-architecture-Renzo-Piano-Opera-House-FjordsThe Opera House is a prize-winning building designed by the Norwegian firm Snøhetta where people can stroll around the roof since every exterior part of the building is walkable so that creates a new stoned landscape and a public observation point. The whiteness of this marble building is stunning, and definitely you need sunglasses because it’s dazzling! Really interesting the use of different texture for surfaces but still using the same material (white marble from Carrara, in Italy).





arkitalker-Oslo-Norway-architecture-Renzo-Piano-Opera-House-FjordsSo goodbye Oslo, I may come to visit you again. For sure I want to go to Bergen and visit the Fjords, it would be great even kayaking in the Norwegian sea but I need to find some bravery first!

arkitalker-Oslo-Norway-architecture-Renzo-Piano-Opera-House-FjordsOh last thing! Don’t forget to go down here and SHARE IT on your favourite social platform! 🙂

  1. The Venice of the North!


    • arkitalker says:

      Well I wouldn’t say so but Tjuvholmen (the new urban area) has been built on water where before there was a container port. Everything here is totally different from Venice 🙂


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