Mobius shoes | Rem D Koolhaas: a shoe from a chair

Another architecture related post but this time let’s see some fashionable shoes.

As I recently found out there is another Rem Koolhaas and even this one is an architect and guess what the famous one is the uncle of Rem D. Koolhaas, the one who found United Nude, a design company specialised in heels.

united-nudes-Rem-D-Koolhaas-designer-mobius shoes-arkitalker

Rem D Koolhaas launched his company with the Möbius shoe. The form of the shoe is made from a single strip that takes its cue from the Möbius strip, a mathematical surface. So just one strip twists around the foot and create the sole, heel, foot-bed and upper of the shoe.

And these shoes are a reinterpretation of an architectural object in fact they were inspired by the famous Barcelona chair designed by Mies Van Der Rohe.

united-nudes-Rem-D-Koolhaas-designer-mobius shoes-arkitalker


united-nudes-Rem-D-Koolhaas-designer-mobius shoes-arkitalker

united-nudes-Rem-D-Koolhaas-designer-mobius shoes-arkitalker

Read the interview with Rem D Koolhaas for Dezeen here to know many very interesting details»


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