LEGO Architecture Studio: a new architectural material

Going around for some kid’s gifts I found out the existence of the “LEGO Architecture Studio”. It is a kit with more than 1200 LEGO white and translucent bricks (for Richard Meyer‘s great joy) whit whom you can realize pretty much everything you have in mind.

LEGO-Architecture-Studio-arkitalkerThere are no instructions and you are free to put together your 3d model of your ideal or real world. But don’t worry if you are not so creative in the box you can find a guidebook with ideas, concepts and building tricks given from renowned international architecture studios such as REX, Safdie, SOM, MAD, and Sou Fujimoto.







Well Christmas is over but this seems to be a very good investment to encourage kids (but not just them) to feed their creativity and imagination and help them shaping their ideas.

Regarding architects, well now you can put away balsa wood, foam boards and other wood or plastic materials and enjoy your LEGO bricks.LEGO-Architecture-Studio-arkitalker

If I intrigued you I found it on


However, always remember this deep truth:

"Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins."
(Mies van der Rohe)

Want to know what three World-Class Architects made with LEGO?

 Want to browse more of the guidebook pages?


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