ALESSI tea and coffee spoons

For today let’s talk about design cutlery and in particular of some spoons relased by Alessi, one of the leading factories of Italian design since 1921. I really love this company because of the effort it puts in designing many different home product types and it is never ordinary in its designing approach, offering products that reflect the designer creativity rather than what the customer is expecting.



SAN08, designed by Japanese architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA

Alessi-spoons-tea-cofee-Arkitalker- massimiliano fuksas

FM04 designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas

Alessi-spoons-tea-cofee-Arkitalker-miriam mirri

MMI08 designed by Miriam Mirri

Alessi-spoons-tea-cofee-Arkitalker-william alsop-federico grazzini

WAL01 designed by William Alsop and Federico Grazzini

Alessi-spoons-tea-cofee-Arkitalker-tom kovac

TK02 designed by Tom Kovac


My favourites are probably the Fuksas’ ones. What about yours?



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